Fairs and events

Actividades culturales - Les bruixes de viladrau

Every year, on the night of 31st October, Viladrau commemorates one of its most tragic historical episodes: The Persecution of the Witches.

El ball de les bruixes

Viladrau, 31st of october

Fira de la Castanya - Viladrau

The Fira de la castanya de Viladrau is held with the aim of developing a commercial activity that combines culture, nature and the recovery of the Viladrau and Montseny chestnut.

Fira de la castanya

Viladrau, october

actividades cerca de les planes de viladrau trail fonts del Montseny

The first weekend in July, the TFM sporting event takes place with the aim of offering a high quality sporting experience and combining it with the leisure and cultural possibilities of Viladrau and the Osona region.

Trail Fonts del Montseny

Viladrau, july

Festival Marcos Redondo - Viladrau

A musical offer of recognised quality with the participation of emerging artists as well as consolidated artists of international prestige.

Festival Marco Redondo

Viladrau, august

Matinal Rusquelles

The programme of the Rusquelles Musical Matinee offers, throughout the year, a monthly concert of classical repertoire with the participation of consolidated musicians and composers.

Matinal Musical de Rosquelles

Viladrau, 1st Sunday of the month

Fira de l'Avet - Espinelves - Les Planes de Viladrau

At the beginning of December, when Christmas approaches, Espinelves celebrates its representative fair, the Fira de l’Avet.

Fira de l´Avet

Espinelvas, december

Mercat del Ram - Vic

Every year at the beginning of spring, the Mercat del Ram is inaugurated in Vic. It is the city’s most historic fair.

Mercat del Ram

Vic, easter

Mercat Medieval de Vic

As the Christmas holidays approach, the old quarter of Vic recalls the city’s medieval past with a large market with a medieval atmosphere and characters from the period.

Mercat medieval

Vic, december

Mercat de la Música Viva - Vic

The Vic Live Music Market is a professional meeting point that brings together all sectors of the music industry to learn about new proposals, attend forums, exchange knowledge and buy and sell music.

Mercat de la música viva

Vic, september