We are sustainable

The main house in Les Planes was completely renovated
with a clear commitment: Sustainability

We wanted it to be an energy sustainable building, so we decided to refurbish it by incorporating insulation in the floor, façade and roof to minimise heating consumption and increase energy efficiency and comfort.

les planes de viladrau

Renewable energies

We have incorporated different renewable and clean energies by installing solar panels, solar thermal panels and a biomass boiler for the holiday homes’ electrical self-consumption, supplying the heating and lighting services.

Aspects such as lighting and natural ventilation or rainwater collection systems were also taken into account.

Minimum energy

The result is a housing project that manages to minimise energy consumption, minimise the use of non-renewable energies, increase energy efficiency and guarantee excellent comfort. Sustainability and efficiency are not incompatible.

Jordi Coll Aurich (Architect)

Energy efficiency and renewable energies

“When renovating the building, we paid special attention to insulation. A well-insulated building consumes less heating and this is key to its energy efficiency, especially in a climate like Viladrau’s, where winters are long and particularly harsh”.